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Sponsorship Program

Our Sponsorship Program is designed to assist our participants with funding and donations to provide them with stable housing placement & re-entry resources. This program is offered to individuals that meet our Residential Housing & Re-Entry Program criteria. Our participants are recently released from prison, jail, or are homeless veterans and people with prior criminal records who need financial support due to unforeseen trauma. Sponsors like yourself will make contributions either in monetary donations, In-kind-donations, or gift cards. All donations/ gifts will be solely for the participants of our program. Sponsors may donate directly through our website or in person. Sponsors will receive a gift receipt expressing our appreciation for any funding/donations that is provided. Housing recipients are required to perform a monthly minimum of 10 hours’ community service to show their appreciation within the community. If you are in need of volunteers for an event, please contact our office for future arrangements. Thank you in advance!


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