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This is a multi-phase program that we offer our justice impacted participants who are healing from a traumatic experience with the carceral system. The goal of this program is to provide building blocks for success through a transformative approach, as they create an exit plan for long term housing and stability.

Changing How Our Incarcerated Community Endure Support

Waving Confidently

Phase One

  • Rebuilding Self-Sufficiency

  • Mental & Trauma Assessment

  • Behavioral Health & Wellness Management

  • Counseling 

  • Therapy

  • Case Management Planning

  • Re-Entry Plan

Phase Two

  • Economic Development

  • Family Bondage

  • Recovery Pathways

  • Voting Rights Restoration

  • Continuing Education (we strongly encourage)

  • Life Coping Skills Training & Workshops

  • Mentoring 

Job Interview

Phase Three

  • Financial Planning

  • Budget Planning

Phase Four

  • Exit Plan

  • Continuum Care

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